Something “Fishy” For You To Ponder This Holiday Week

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The United States imports 90% of our seafood, yet less than 1% is tested for fraudulent labeling, acording to a 2 year analysis by Oceana, a non-profit organization out of Washington, D.C.. Their study sample analyzed 1,200 fish in 21 states.

For example, there’s an 87 to 93 percent chance that the “red snapper” you are served is some other type of fish.

Why should you care? Because not only does mislabled seafood derail your efforts to order fish that is better for you, some of these fish masquerades can actually make you sick. For example, just a few ounces of escolar (substituted for white tune in 84% of the sushi restaurants that the researchers tested) can cause serious digestive issues. Also, mislabeled fish could result in pregnant women being exposed to unsafe mercury levels.

So this summer, do yourselves a favor as you are eating more healthy, buy your fish from reputable sources…Please.

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