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Not so long ago, a little boy sat at the dinner table, anxiously waiting for his favorite dinner – his Mamaw’s fried chicken.
His Mamaw filled his plate and watched him gobble up his first helping, then his second, and then a third. His mother and father, brother and sister all stared in amazement while he ate. Finally, when it seemed he would burst, the little boy pushed his plate away, leaned back in his chair, rubbed his belly, and declared, “Shoo, Mama! That sure was good!”

That little boy, blissfully unaware that his beloved fried chicken was running around on his grandparents’ farm earlier that day, loved his Mamaw’s cooking. It was this same love of home-cooked, farm-fresh food that inspired us to open Shoo Mama’s Farm Fresh Café. We both spent plenty of time on our grandparents’ farms when we were growing up. Those experiences, combined with many years in the restaurant business and two Environmental Science Degrees are what drive us to bring the best, freshest, organic and locally farmed food to our customers.

We hope you enjoy our café as much as we do. Don’t be afraid to rub your belly and give a “Shoo, Mama!” of your own in appreciation! But, if that’s not your style, that’s okay. You can just come back and visit us again!

Lynn and Becky



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