Save the West Chester Growers Market!

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West Chester Borough Council: Keep The West Chester Grower’s Market at Church & Chestnut Street!

The West Chester Grower’s Market is approaching its 19th year and it could be the last.

Hear Mayor Comitta weigh-in on the potential change for the Growers Market.

Joy Vining-Crozier, the founder of For Sale, Free or Trade, has organized a petition to ensure the continuation of the West Chester Grower’s Market. The West Chester Grower’s Market is approaching it’s 19th year and it could be the last. DO NOT let this happen. West Chester Borough is considering developing the parking lot where the Market flourishes. As a community, we need to stand together to keep some things they way they, especially when they are for the good of our community. The Grower’s Market has become a very well known Market in Chester County. To even think that because of the all mighty dollar, this would be done away with makes so many sad.

Let West Chester Borough Council know how important this Market is to you by signing this petition. Ask them to consider the impact this Market has on the entire town of West Chester. The people it draws who then stroll and shop in the businesses nearby, the neighbors it brings together. It is a positive force that should stay in West Chester.”

Mayor Carolyn Comitta  was reached for comment and stated, “There is no question that the West Chester growers market is a landmark and one of the most enjoyable activities in the borough. I am there almost every weekend and believe the market is an incredible asset to our community. The community can be assured that I will have a strong voice lobbying for a good decision regarding the potential sale of the lot. In addition, if the sale were to go through, I will have an equally strong voice in support of the continuation of the Grower’s Market at a location close to the Church and Chestnut Street location.”

In addition, Borough Council President, Holly Brown, stated, “We have ABSOLUTELY no intention of losing the Farmer’s Market. This is the position of the entire Borough Council. The West Chester Grower’s Market is here to stay, regardless of the future of the parking lot. Residents and visitors can rest assured that your elected officials are on the same page.”

Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30pm borough council finance and technology committee will discuss bids for the sale of Lot 10 (growers market lot). There will also be a discussion on obtaining an independent appraisal of Lot 10.


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