Ryan Dunn 1977 – 2011

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It’s been a weeks since the tragic accident that took the lives of Ryan & Zach. I have found some clarity in my thoughts, finally, to write an amusing anecdote and about my personal friendship. I don’t want to mention, just yet, anything about drinking and driving. That’s another post unto itself. Two people dies because of the enjoyment of speed and the involvement of alcohol. Like I said, another post. This is about remembering my friend……… 

Ryan Dunn, let me say that again, Ryan Dunn. I could write a novel about this young man but I only have so much space, time, and limited attention span from my audience. I met Ryan in 1998 and we became pretty friendly, not the hang-out all the time friendly but I considered Ryan a friend more than a customer. In early 2000-2001 15 North was in its hay day and we were busy as hell. The CKY guys, that’s what the staff called them, were in all the time, 2-3 nights a week. Then jackass came on TV and with us nothing changed except the staff called them the jackass guys now. I tried to talk Ryan and Bam into a gag which would have Ryan catch bowling Balls rolled off the roof from the alley side of 15N which was 3 stories high. They didn’t go for that but the did go for jumping off the balcony into the crowd on a Thursday Night. The had cameras all over the place then the next thing you know zing! Over the rail they went.


The gag was: a couple door men would grab Ryan, because Bam was sore from earlier filming and Ryan didn’t mind the pain (Bam’s words not mine). So, Andrew & Dave the doormen grabbed Ryan and drug him out backward throwing him into a wood wall then out the front doors. (Ryan’s feet haven’t touched the ground since he left the dance floor) They threw him down so hard that his head bounced off the concrete. I thought to myself, this has just gone bad & its time to cut & check out the injuries, BUT, Ryan looked up at me, while he was flat on the ground on his stomach, and winked at me with a little sh*t eating grin. THAT was Ryan Dunn!

After everything was done and the cameras were off we checked out Ryan’s damage. He no longer had shoes on from the impact of being thrown to the ground and his sock had holes on the tops of them! The knot on his head started to swell & within 2 hours his skin split open & he began to bleed. Ryan said, “It’s all about getting the shot and making it believable” Well, it was believable because it was real.  And so was Ryan Dunn

I will keep adding to this from time to time for I have may stories.

I Love Ryan Dunn & I will Miss him. Peace my Brother

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