Rest Up! Insomnia linked to future Heart Failure

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Insomnia may triple the risk of developing heart disease according to a large Norwegian Study published on March 6th in the online edition of the European Heart Journal. The analysis, which considered over 54,000 men and women, linked insomnia symptoms and heart failure, even in subjects who had never experienced a coronary event.

One possible mechanism to explain is that insomnia activates the stress response in the body that negatively affects heart function. After an eleven year follow-up, more than 1,400 participants had developed heart failure. Peole who had multiple insomnia symptoms had a threefold increased risk of developing heart failure compared to the people who slept well.

Women are at increased risk of having heart failure in relation to certain insomnia risk factors compared to men. This is a reminder to us that Heart Disease is our nations number one killer of women!

So what are we to do? Do not take insomnia lightly, please. Find ways to reduce your stress, NOW! Ask for help from your family, physicians and support groups. If your doctor does not ask how you are sleeping, then it is up to you to discuss it with then. Your heart depends on it!

Watch a short video from Fox 6, HealthDay TV:

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