Resolution vs. Evolution

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Do you find yourself making the same resolutions at the beginning of every year? I will floss my teeth every day. I will quit smoking. I will start going to the gym. I will, I will, I will….

Maybe the reason we find ourselves back at square one every January 1st is because there is no depth to our “list of actionable items”. We revolve in dizzying circles with the checklist whizzing by because there is no movement toward evolution. In order to evolve, we must dig deeper than just pen and paper and get at the real reasons why we want to change our behavior. Why don’t I take time for myself? Why am I not kind to my body? What is holding me back?

In order to truly answer these questions and commit to real change, it helps to have someone in your corner, guiding you along the way to reach a state of empowerment over your life. In West Chester, PA, this person is Mary Barrett, MSN, RN, CCH.

Mary established Health Empowerment to offer individual and group sessions that create new patterns of thinking, improve behaviors and produce positive outcomes. In her own words,

“I created Health Empowerment to expand my twenty-six year career in nursing to a more personal level of care.  I worked with patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, abuse and other ailments that work to crush your health empowerment. With each of my patients, I work tirelessly to infuse and grow a new sense of power. That is my mission.”

With Mary’s help and guidance, you will find yourself moving away from one-dimensional resolutions where you would simply brush off last January’s New Year’s resolutions and, instead, evolve into the person you have been striving to be. To find out how Mary can help you, visit the Health Empowerment website by clicking on the logo above or contact Mary directly by emailing her at

To view Mary’s upcoming group sessions, visit our event calendar by CLICKING HERE.

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