Remembrance and Reverence

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Learn how Dr. Lauren Schofield at Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center is helping our soldiers.

Memorial Day is upon us and there are many thoughts that enter my mind on this holiday. Traditionally, Memorial Day is to remember and honor our “fallen” Armed Forces. In today’s world, I would like to add respect of our traditional Memorial Day ideals.

As an American Red Cross volunteer, I traveled to the epic center of Ground Zero in early November, after September 11, 2001. I was administering healthcare to our Nation’s service men and women, who never went home, working endlessly in “search and rescue” mode. I will never forget their faces, their sense of loss, the feel of pride or the ground still bubbling under my feet.

This experience has motivated me to think of not only our fallen Armed Forces on this day, but also all of our fallen service men and women on that day when our Nation was attacked. It is because of this that I am passionate about service in our Nation and our community. One day your life may be saved by someone who, one day, decided to become a volunteer or service professional.

At my office, Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center, I honor their service by providing low level laser treatments at no cost. The Erchonia low level laser is an FDA approved treatment to enhance the healing of tissue. It is cold laser, unlike a surgical laser, that is based upon researched light therapies that have been mostly practiced for more than half a century in the Eastern World. The low level laser is used for the treatment of acute and chronic pain and muscle and nerve conditions. The benefits include increased oxygenation, increased tensile strength of newly healed tissue, reduced inflammation, improved cellular metabolism repair and many more positive benefits.


By offering this service at no charge to our Nation’s Armed Forces, police officers, firefighters and EMS workers, I feel that I give back to these worthy professions.

I ask you to find your way to honor and remember those who protect our freedom. If you are not a business owner, become a volunteer. In this New World that we live in today we must re-arrange our priorities to include or honor service. We owe it to ourselves, to our children and to our country to lead by example.

So get out and enjoy the parades and celebrate this Memorial Day with remembrance and reverence.

Written by:

Dr. Lauren Schofield

Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center

105 Westtown Rd # A
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-696-8888

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