QVC Shines at PA Conference for Women

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Beth Rubino QVC HSBy Julia Sherwin

QVC, Inc., the behemoth $8.6 billion multimedia retailer and trusted destination for women shoppers worldwide, was one of the sponsors of last Thursday’s PA Conference for Women. Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the conference attracted roughly 8,000 and made girl power literally palpable.

Representing QVC during the luncheon’s keynote was Beth Rubino, Executive Vice president, Human Resources and Workplace Services. Rubino, who joined QVC in 1995 when it was only in the U.S., has seen the company experience amazing growth and go through a veritable global transformation, now in seven countries.

In an environment that represented the highest levels of both character and confidence, Rubino reminded the audience in the packed exhibit hall what’s truly most important for any woman with great aspirations. “Your values are something you can never compromise,” she said.

Speaking about QVC’s sponsorship of the conference, she told it fully aligns with the company’s overall mission.

“We’re very committed to this cause and to women. Our community efforts are all around supporting the success and wellness of women through the power of relationships.”

Beth Rubino - Albany Irvin - Kerstin Lindquist - IMG 2775 2Rubino also answered questions about attracting talented women to QVC’s workforce, the skillsets necessary to succeed as QVC enters its next 30 years and how she balances work life and family.

While it’s hard to imagine a woman who wouldn’t want a job at QVC, Rubino recognizes that certain skills are necessary as the company continues to thrive in the future.

“We’re about becoming more global. We’re on the verge of reimagining the worlds of shopping, entertainment and social as one. Over the next 30 years, we’re going to be looking for people who have a strong inner personal voice, are able to connect well with others, are very genuine in their relationships and also bring their best talents to QVC,” she said.

With respect to the idea of work-life balance, Rubino was incredibly honest regarding her personal experience.

“For me, it’s really more about life work blending,” she said. “My family comes first, but they also support me in my career. I’ve learned that it’s important to stay true to my values and to work in an environment where people share those values. As a team, we have mutual respect and support each other,” added Rubino.

Nearly 100 QVC women employees attended. QVC hosts Albany Irvin and Kerstin Lindquist brought even more style and glamour to the day and could be seen at the QVC booth, where conference attendees checked out beautiful handbags, kitchen accessories, clothing and more. Many others enjoyed QVC’s styling sessions and opportunities to interact with the QVC Sprouts team to vote for new products they would most like to see sold on

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