“Don’t Forget Your Water”

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Water is one of the six important nutrients for humans, essential for both everyday performance and health. We hear conflicting reports about how much water you need a day and how to get it.

So let me set you straight….

You must drink on average 90 ounces/women and 125 ounces/men a day. If you drink alcohol or caffeine, then subtract that amount of ounces from your daily water intake. They cancel on another out, forcing you to drink more water if you do imbibe in alcohol or caffeine.

If your body retains water (feeling bloated)…then drink more water! The body will perceive your lack of water as a threat to survival causing the body to hold onto what it has. This causes your bloating, so drink more water.

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, drinking water also will give you a full feeling, causing you to eat less.

Be curious and monitor your water intake and see just how you measure up!

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