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As I have mentioned before, my kids are both in preschool and absolutely love it! It gives them something to do for a few hours each week and I really think that it is giving them a slight advantage when it comes time for them to go to Kindergarten.

My daughter is in a PreK program that implements Handwriting without Tears as our school district does and I am really impressed with how it builds the foundation for writing and fine motor skills. In researching things for her to do at home to build on what she is learning at school, I have been learning about Prewriting.

Prewriting introduces the elements of writing in ways other than actually sitting down with a pencil and paper. It helps to develop the necessary muscle group and form fine motor ability to prepare the child for using a writing instrument efficiently.

Some examples of Prewriting:

  • Table top activities such as Legos seated at table.
  • Puzzles and recognition games.
  • Scribbling and drawing with crayons or with fingers in a sensory material like paint or sand.
  • Lacing with beads and string

I am working on fine motor with my son right now and it is amazing how different the experience is. While my daughter prefers things like drawing to practice, he enjoys puzzles, lacing and building. I suppose it’s just boy/girl preferences, but it’s fun to see the difference in their learning styles. na rencontre frauen ab 65 kennenlernen femme riche a rencontrer rencontres oloron sainte marie go to this site anong ibig sabihin ng radiocarbon dating Prewriting Resources

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