Preparing for Your First Domestic Relations Support Conference

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For many separated couples, the first step on the road to divorce is a domestic relations conference for spousal and child support. Even before a complaint for divorce is filed, many dependent spouses will file a complaint with the county domestic relations office for both spousal and child support.

When you receive a domestic relations complaint:

First, check the accuracy of the information reported by the filing spouse. There are often inaccuracies which can affect the outcome of the conference;

Second, get all of your required paperwork in order. Attached to the complaint are several worksheets that are required to be filled out and brought to your first conference;and

Third, call a lawyer to help you prepare for and to represent you at the conference.

While it is not necessary to have a lawyer represent you at your domestic relations conference, it is advisable! There are many issues surrounding the payment of spousal and child support, including tax ramifications that your lawyer will help you with. In addition, whether you are nervous or just angry a lawyer will keep you from making mistakes that will hurt the outcome.



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