Post-Christmas Blues and Sick Babies

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I have such an issue with the post-Christmas let down.  I think I am better this year than in the past, but it hits me pretty hard.  We spend weeks gearing up for the Big Day and then…it’s just over.  I also feel that because Thanksgiving was so late Christmas felt rushed.  I could have used an extra week.

On top of the usual depression, my whole family is sick.  It started with my Father In Law, then my daughter , then both of my sons and how my Husband.  Everyone is sick at the same time.  My Mother In Law and I are holding out pretty well.  Every time we think someone is in the clear, the fever comes back.  

The only upside to everyone being sick is that I had to take an extra day off of work to take care of everyone.  I save my sick days for their sick days anyway.  This gave me 5 1/2 days home with my family.  Sick and hectic, but glorious nonetheless.

We spent days and days in our jammies watching movies and eating soup.  I don’t like that they are sick, but I do like to cuddle and spend time together not running to school, work and activities.  I think that is part of what got everyone sick in the first place.  We needed to calm down and rest and that is what we did.  They still are.

As a working Mom I treasure times like the holidays and even sick days.  I feel like I am always playing catch-up with time.  My favorite moments are when we can slow down and be together without time crunches, fighting, quick meals and homework.  It’s all part of life, but everyone needs a break from it.  Little kids and families are no exception.



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