Placid Perfection

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by Allison Hansen

Lets take a break from bright colors and explore the softer tones of this year’s Spring Pantone Palette. One of our favorite shades is Placid blue. This soft pastel captures such a relaxing and peaceful vibe.

So how do you wear it?  Not only is this shade simple and beautiful on its own, but it can also be combined with bold colors. This sets you apart from the norm when you do it in just the right way. This color works well with other pastels, colors from this year’s Pantone Palette and solid blue shades.

When combining this shade of blue with bold colors, orange and yellow seem to work best. Pulling shades from the Pantone Palette, Celosia Orange, Freesia, and Cayenne are all bold colors that fit beautifully when paired with Placid Blue. Adding fun patterns are also a perfect way to make your outfit seem a little more fun and daring — perfect for every day or night time wear!

You can also combine Placid blue with other pastels.  This year w’ere jumping on the pastel bandwagon at full force. Placid Blue goes so well with Peach, Lavender, pale Yellow, and Mint. Below is one beautiful outfit matching pale Yellow pants with a Placid Blue top and neutral accessories. 

You can also mix and match Placid blue with other Pantone colors. Some other really great shades from this years “it” colors that work well with Placid Blue but aren’t as bold include Sand, Paloma, and Dazzling blue. And yes, Placid blue looks great with other blue shades as well. Pairing these colors may not seem like a first choice, but they actually look quite clean, simple, and beautiful when put together. And it gives a nice vintage vibe/look for those old school lovers! These calm colors look nothing close to boring when put together. 

 A great way to wear Placid Blue as a neutral is to wear it with other neutrals, or wear it in your accessories. Don’t forget to try this beautiful shade on your nails!

What do you think of this trendy shade? Do you think it looks best worn as the main focus, matching it with neutrals, or do you like to add more color to the mix? 

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