Paint and Glitter Pumpkins

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conocer gente extranjera por facebook rencontre sherbrooke web fille cherche mariage en france international site of dating mission statement for dating website conocer a un hombre sagitario rencontre femme orthez Last week I talked about some local events for families with little ones where you can celebrate the season, not necessarily just Halloween.  One of the place that I mentioned was Highland Orchards, where my family and I go every year for our pumpkin picking. 



We went this past weekend and sadly did not have time to hang around for the festivities, but we got to see the animals, take goofy pictures and get our goodies 🙂 

We thought that this year we would let the kids decided how to decorate their own pumpkins and they told us that they wanted to paint them.  Sounds great!  I was thinking about sitting outside with some good ol’ finger paint and brushes and letting them go to town for an hour or so, but my husband had a different idea.

We ended up going to the local hardware store and picking up some spray paint in “princes” and “Thomas the Tank Engine” colors.  Specified and named by our children.  Then they observed from a short distance as Daddy used the amazing spray cans to coat the pumpkins.  I thought we were taking the magic our of the project by spray painting, but I was sorely mistaken.  The kids loved the idea and the execution!

After a couple days of drying time (just to be sure) we asked them what they wanted to the next steps to be.  We offered sponge paining, glitter, carving, etc… Glitter won by a landslide, especially with our Princess fan.

I have tried lots of glitter over the years on various crafts and projects and I have always heard great things about the Martha Stewart brand.  Let me tell you…that stuff ROCKS!  The kids had no problem with it clumping and clean up was not a big deal at all.  This is where we sat with the brushes and let them do their thing.

We spread some newspaper on the kitchen table and threw on our new $5 bin Sid the Science Kid Halloween DVD for ambiance.  The glitter packs come with cool little glue sticks that would make decorating or writing really easy for an adult, but we opted for paint brushes and Tacky Glue.  It’s cheaper and much easier for little hands to spread. 


The end result was beautiful!  It looked as though a glittery candle melted on top of their pumpkins.  Everyone is thrilled with how they turned out.

Have you tried any “alternative” pumpkin decorating?  What’s your favorite?

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