Overlooked Health Necessity

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Each year, at this time, I review with my patients the importance of good support systems for the spine. Not only is it good practice to check on your egonomics annually, but during Presidents Day weekend, you get the great sales!

Most people are not aware of the ill effects inadequate support from your mattress, pillow, desk chair, car seat…etc, will give you. The micro-trauma that this lack of support can have on your spine adds up, developing into a bigger, more expensive problem! So here is your Tip Of the Day:

If your mattress is more than eight years old, consider buying a new one.

If you pilow is more than two years, consider buying a new one.

Please make sure your desk chair at home and at work is adjustable so that it can support more than yourself, if you are sharing the computer. Do not work on a laptop unless you are properly seated and supported.

If you do not have lumbar support in your car, consider a lumbar support cushion to help.

Hopefully this has given you some things to think about and look at with you and your family.

Enjoy your Presidents Day!


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