Organizing for Back to School

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From what I understand, last week started the trickle of students going back to school. I know surrounding school districts went back today and West Chester Area goes back next Tuesday, September 4th. My husband, who attends West Chester University, started back this morning.

We are in the process of getting organized for the coming year and one of the things that I do to prepare for the school year is put together a binder. I only have one child in school, but her brother will start an early preschool program in January and he will then get his own binder. Hubby is a grown up, so he takes care of his own stuff 😉

There are binders and notebooks on the market that do all of the work for you. Just fill in the blanks. But I find that I either need more room or end up wasting materials that way. I like making my own so that I can add or subtract things as needed.

Inevitably, there are millions of papers that get sent home in the mail and with our children. I tried starting last year off casually, but I quickly learned that just because we are talking about preschool doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton to remember. I have received Princess’s teacher assignment and all of the basic information for the school plus her health forms and my background check (for chaperoning privileges). I expect to receive a large package with the class list, inclimate weather info, schedule of events,Tuition information, etc… the first day of school. To follow will be snack, story time and party sign ups. This is only the tip of the iceberg – I know I am forgetting stuff – needless to say, the papers add up fast.

My binder makes it easy to have all of my information easy to find. Here’s what I like to include :

  • Binder (preferable with a sheet insert on front and pockets on the inside)
  • Three ring hole punch
  • Sheet protectors
  • Calendar

This gives everything a home, the hole punch makes it easy to add papers quickly and the calendar gives me a reference when I am reviewing upcoming dates.

I can’t wait to start filling this baby up! But talk to me come November when I have had enough already…

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