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The Stanford University study came out yesterday revealing there’s very little evidence that eating organic is more nutritious than conventionlly grown produce. The Stanford Team combed through thousands of studies to to analyze the best comparions (237) between organic and conventional foods. The nutritional levels of produce is determined by the soil it grows in, regardless of any other perameters.

There are however, many reasons why someone might choose organic foods over conventional. Eating organic fruits and vegetables can lower exposure to pesticides, especially for children. In two studies of children, urine testing showed lowered pesticide levels in those on an organic diet. The Stanford University study yesterday revealed an average 30% less exposure to pesticides than conventional produce. The study also revealed that organic meats had 33% less bacteria nad germs than non-organic meats.

But, consumers pay a lot more for organic produce and the demand is rising. Organic foods accounted for $31.4 billion in sales last year. That is up from $3.6 billion in 1997.

May I make a suggestion…in these hard economic times, I would suggest buying organic of these 12 produce items. Conventionally grown, these produces contain the highest amount of pesticides. They are:

Nectarines                                     Stawberries

Celery                                           Grapes

Pears                                            Bell Peppers

Peaches                                        Spinach

Apples                                          Potatoes

Cherries                                        Red Rasberries

I also suggest that you buy organic meats to lower your risk of antibiotics, bacteria and other germs. This approach is conscientious, healthy and lowers your food cost. Also wewther it is organic or conventional, please thoroughly wash all your produce before ingesting.


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