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July 12, 2012

Yes, Yes, the rumors are true!  We are opening a 2nd location for Nich.  We found a great space and have been planning and scheming for months to get this project off the ground!

We will be located at the Providence Town Center in Collegeville, PA.  It’s about 30 mins from West Chester, so I FULLY expect to see my Dub C buddies in Collegeville.  The trip will be worth it.  The store will be almost twice the size of my West Chester location so you’ll find all the fabulous styles you’ll see in West Chester, plus loads more.

I decided to open a second location for a couple of reasons…the first being that I’ve never been one to like to feel too comfortable or settled.  I like to take on new projects, new tasks, etc…  I LOVE what I do in West Chester, but I was getting the itch to make it something else – to make it grow, to see some changes and this was a perfect step for me.  Business has been good so why not see if I can do it all over again, but just with more knowledge and confidence.

Another reason I felt now was the time is because I really feel that location of the new boutique will be fantastic.  It’s the hub of Collegeville and the surrounding towns.  If I didn’t snag the space now, I could really have lost out on a great opportunity – and I’m all about making the most of an opportunity.

Lastly, it’s about a mile from my house.  HEAVENLY commute.

We’re still in the very beginning stages of planning right now.  There is a LOT of construction to be done…about 2-3 months of work and we haven’t started yet.  Still waiting on some people (at least no one is waiting on me!) but more updates will surely be coming soon…STAY TUNED!

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