On the Fringe

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Fringe is back, ladies! We’ve seen this style in the fashion industry through the 1880s, 1920s, 1970s, and apparently, it wasn’t enough. This is definitely a fashion trend to be worn subtly, but it’s a fun texture that will surely add spunk to your outfit, catching attention — in the right way.

Whether you like to dress loud, or more conservatively, fringe can work for you! 


If you tend to play it on the safe side with your style, a fringe bag, scarf or shoes may work best while still adding some flair! What a perfect way to make some changes and to start branching out by trying new things this Spring.


Less is more when it comes to this fun texture, so don’t go overboard and to be selective with which pieces you want to stand out. Wearing multiple fringe pieces is definitely a no-no.  Stick to a maximum of two. For example, If you are wearing a fringe necklace, don’t wear fringe earrings.. maybe opt for fringe shoes instead.


b2ap3_thumbnail_fringe.jpgFor those with bolder personalities and style, a fringe dress or shirt might be just the thing, especially if you are going for a boho chic look. And fringe accessories offer a more casual vibe! If you’re  going to a family gathering, concert, or event, incorporate some of this fun texture into your outfit! It is a perfect way to add something different to a look that would have otherwise been plain or a bit boring.

What do you think of this fashion trend making a come back? Should we have left it in the 20s (or the 70s) or are you totally loving fringe for spring time? 

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