Not Sleeping?

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If you are having difficulties sleeping, well you are not alone. A recent survey showed that 68% of the American population complained of insomnia, a sleeping disorder. Actually, insomnia is now one of the most common medical complaints. Just because insomnia is common, it does not mean it is normal.

It is estimated that 19% of people have chronic insomnia with daytime deficits, such as: fatigue, difficulty concentrating, decreased energy, mood problems, upset stomachs, and many more.

Women tend to report on more insomnia complaints and difficulty sleeping in general tends to get worse as we get older. Also individuals who are unemployed, live alone and are of lower socioeconomic status also have more complaints of insomnia.

What are we to do? There are many ways to ward off potential causes of insomnia as well as natural remedies.

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