No Boring LBD, Be Bedazzlicious this Holiday Season!

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This is not a blog post for the faint of heart.  If you’re all about a simple black dress with a diamond solitaire necklace, then this post is probably not for you.  This week we are going to talk about being “bedazzlicious”…it’s a word, look it up right between beautiful and bodacious.

This holiday season, give it a try.  Bedazzlicious is a chance for you to step outside the comfort zone for just a day, just a few hours really.  The holiday parties are desperate for something–or someone–lively.  Let it be you.  Shun the conservative neutrals for a splash of bright blue.  Add some silver sparkles or some golden glow. 



Often at the store we hear “my husband wouldn’t like it” or “my boyfriend would think I went crazy”.  We say too bad for hubby and tell boyfriend he’s right.  You’re going crazy–crazy for color.  If blue isn’t your thing and you must have your black, then give us red shoes and a red clutch. And if you are really ready to make the holidays vibrate with your moxie then pick a print–a bold print–maybe even an animal print.  It’s still a hot trend and you can let your feminine side “roar”.


Then, sweet Cinderella, the night is over and you can return to neutral if you must.  But you’ll have a taste of what it means to be a princess and you’ll know what beautiful feels like. 

At Clothes Mentor, we have seen so many beautiful women put on that dress–that holiday party dress that they would “never”then wear and be amazed at how great they look.  They aren’t all size 2 and they aren’t all 21 years old.  Boldness and vibrancy is timeless.  And when you are paying 70 percent less than mall prices, your boldness has a swag we call the savings strut…trying walking it after stopping in our store to let our amazing, stylish Team help you find your bedazzliciousness.


Our Team Recommendations:





Carrie:  If you want to make a splash, wear nothing. (ha!)  If you can’t go that far then make sure you wear COLOR.  Get a head start on the hot color for 2014: fusion purple.  People remember trendsetters and those that stand out in a crowd.



Julie:  Wear clothes that fit you (women always wear baggy clothes) and show a little cleavage.  If you normally go very high collar, just drop it a little to lighten up your look this holiday season.  My #1 tip is to think about the first thing you notice when you walk into the store.  Is it the gray dress or the bright red jacket?  Red wins.  Dress to be the one that stands out because you are special and you deserve it!

b2ap3_thumbnail_purplefeatherdress.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_sparkletoppurplebottomdress.jpg


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