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We’d like to welcome back our friends from West Chester University.

Hope you’re happy to be back in the borough!

It’s First Friday so it’s sale time.  Please take 10% off your entire
purchase tomorrow.  AND, if you’re a West Chester student, flash us your
valid ID and you get an additional 10% off your sale.  You MUST have your ID
present in order to get the discount, so don’t forgetsies!

Also, we are having an open casting call for girls who are interested in
modeling for Nich.  Your pictures are posted on our website,

on facebook , on promotional items and even
other nationwide companies’ websites as they mention our lovely boutique.

If you are interested, the casting call is on Saturday, Sept 3rd from
11:30-5pm.  Please come with hair and makeup done modestly, a white tank
top, denim and heels.  We’ll snap a few pics and go from there!

Don’t forget, First Fridays we are open until 8:30pm.

See ya soon!

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