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Jill, the owner of Bones & Combs and groomer extraordinaire, has been my lifesaver when it comes to my Australian Shepherd, Lady. If you know anything about Aussie’s, you know that hair, lots and lots of hair, comes with the territory. I will never need to buy a fur coat because Lady’s fur already coats me.

That is, until I found Jill and her FURminator method. Jill has a device that actually gently pulls hair from Lady’s undercoat resulting in almost no shedding! If you are covered in dog hair, or are just sick and tired of the hours it takes to fully groom your dog, then call Jill and get ready to have hair-free furniture! Her mobile grooming van is completely independent (she doesn’t need to connect to your power or water source) and she will come right to your front door in West Chester, PA.

Jill is running a special this month – a have a peek here my blog important source phrase accroche sur site de rencontre singles baden württemberg kostenlos online dating advantages and disadvantages you can try these out dating a man with no college education FREE blueberry facial with each grooming session. I know, it might sound a little strange, but Lady LOVES it and every time she goes to lick me after she’s had her blueberry facial, she smells like…you guessed it…blueberries!


I can’t lie, ever since watching Mr. Miyagi and Daniel Son, I have always wanted to be the Karate Kid. I wanted to balance on the beach, perched on the pylon, practicing the crane technique to finally defeat Johnny, my arch nemesis.

Ok, obviously that didn’t happen. However, my interest in martial arts has not dissipated over the years. However, with each attempt to begin my transformation into Daniel Son, I would walk into a martial arts studio and immediately feel intimidated. I didn’t have the uniform, the belt, etc. and written on my forehead was, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

The exact opposite happened when I met Brantlee and Corey (pictured above, yeah impressive!), the owners and instructors of Chun Ji Martial Arts, located at 120 North Church Street, West Chester, PA. They immediately make you feel welcome and comfortable. They care about each of their students and want to ensure martial arts is accessible to everyone because they know the incredible and often transformative benefits of regularly practicing martial arts.

Chun Ji’s Grand Opening is Monday, January 23rd. Come out and meet Brantlee and Corey! They promised me I would not have to wax any cars.

Meghan Kelly

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