New Years Resolutions

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It’s New Years Eve 2012 and I think for the first time ever, I have no interest in committing to a resolution.  For the last two years it has been the same thing -“Be better at everything.”  It never started that way, but you begin with one resolution and then add ten or twelve things and then it has reached it’s tentacles into every inch of our life. I never have just one thing to strive for so I don’t even want to begin listing them.

The one thing that I really want for this year is to have a healthy baby.  With complications arising as usual, I was almost afraid I wouldn’t make it to 2013.  Scary thought when your not do until mid-February.  I just keep coaching this little one.  He has to make it to his Daddy’s birthday on January 17th and then if he is ready, go for it!  He will technically be full term at that point.  My body is probably the culprit though.  Baby #3 is a little harder when you have two other little ones to care for.  I am unmeasurably thankful that my husband is home on break and that I have lots of grandparents around to help out.  I truly don’t know what would happen if it was all on me all the time.

On a happier note, 2013 has the potential to be our biggest yet!  Jason is getting ever closer to completing his degree and may have quite a few opportunities open to him this year.  That means we are one step closer to job and house hunting!  Princess will be going to Kindergarten, which in my opinion, is HUGE!  It seems like we were just talking about having 5 years to worry about that kind of thing and here it is.  We take our kid’s education very seriously and when and where she goes is a big deal.  Still working out the details.  As of this week, Little Man will be starting his first round of preschool.  I am so nervous!  My baby is going to school… Right before we have the new baby…and just after successful potty training!  So much change for one little guy.

I guess I could make a resolution…to put my full focus on my family.  I stress about everything and try to put my eggs in too many baskets.  I need to make sure that we are solid and united as so many transitions come our way. 

The baby weight will just have to come off on it’s own 😉

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Happy New Year!

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