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Green?  Is it for you?  If you are on the fence about using GREEN pest control, what do you really want to consider is whether the materials, service, products, or techniques are comparable to those other things that are currently being used. 

Before we get too far, we have to understand what GREEN really means.

Here is one definition for Green Pest Management:   Green Pest Management is a pest control strategy that sets pest action thresholds, monitors pest levels, takes steps to prevent pest problems, and uses control methods that are organic ( plant based).  Organic material are desirable and come from a natural origin. 

Green Pest Management is an extension of integrated pest management and is similar in all regards except for the control methods.  While both choose the least risky pest control materials, only Green Pest Management uses organic and plant based materials.   Truth be told,  green pest control is not just about being organic but about the impact of the material on our environment.  People equate organic with being safe when the reality it some organic things, like cyanide gas, is definitely not safe. 

Royal Pest is full-service pest control company serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. Royal uses the most advanced methods and materials in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to provide customers with pest control that is the safest and most effective in the industry today. Royal’s services are a truly planet friendly way to protect your family, your home and your lifestyle from annoying, destructive and harmful pests. We’re able to solve practically any pest problem from the most common ( ants, termites, spiders, etc.) to those other pest companies shy away from ( bats, snakes, rats, raccoons, etc.). Our Protex system is designed so that our customers can choose the level of protection best for them and pay only for what they need. No other pest control company delivers Royal’s combination of customized service, safety and guaranteed results.

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