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Over 13 years of experience and an unmatched dedication and passion for pools!

Although Punxsutawney Phil had one of his worst performance reviews ever and should probably find a pink slip nestled in with his nuts and berries, spring is finally on the horizon! The temps in Chester County are begrudgingly tiptoeing toward the 70’s, which means it is time to take the cover off the pool!


When it comes to pool repair and pool maintenance, Prell Pool Service & Repair has over 13 years of experience and unmatched dedication and passion for customer service. Learn more about Pete Prell and his passion for pools, his wife Laura and their black lab mutt, Maggie in our interview below.

How did you start your business and why?

I have been in the pool business for over 13 years but my background in pools started many years ago when I was in high school. My dad has always been very handy, if something had to be fixed, he was able to figure out how to fix it and he always brought me along with him. When I was in junior high, my family decided that they wanted a pool, so my Dad and I went about learning how to build one. It was a really neat process and the pool is still in great shape today. When I was in college in the Pocono Mountains, I got a job at a full-service pool business. I really enjoyed the work and being able to figure out how to fix things. I loved being outside and I have always loved the water.

When I moved to West Chester in 2003, I got a job at Carlton Pools in West Chester, PA. Over the 6 years that I was at Carlton Pools, I worked my way up from Assistant Manger to Store Manger. I enjoyed being able to educate and help my customers avoid the headaches that come from the common mistakes and problems with maintaining their pools. I have worked on all sides of the business, from building, servicing, and repairing pools, to being the Store Manager of a pool store, helping customers with choosing products and understanding pool chemistry.



Although I enjoyed working with all the customers, I found that I missed working outside and getting my hands dirty, so to speak. In March of 2010, with the support of my wife Laura, I opened Prell Pool Service & Repair.

The last 3 years have been amazing and I look forward to my 4th season and many more ahead of me. I am passionate about what I do and it bothers me to see some of the poor work a few in my industry think is acceptable.

(Pete will find any means necessary to clean or repair all features of your pool. Pictured here servicing a client’s filtration system.)

I strive to help my customers in the most economical and efficient way that I can. I believe that communication plays a huge part in customer service. If for some reason, I can’t do the work a customer needs to have done, I always return the call to let that person know and I try to refer them to someone who can. I also believe that my customers are busy enough with their own lives, that all they should have to do is enjoy their pool when they get home, not spend hours working on cleaning and maintaining the chemicals. Leave that to us.

Tell us a little bit about your family and background.

As I said before, I grew up in the Pocono Mountains with my Parents and my older sister. I graduated from East Stroudsburg University. I consider myself lucky to have met my wife Laura in the Poconos as well. We moved to West Chester, together in 2003 and bought a house in Phoenixville, PA 4 years ago. We live in a great neighborhood and we really enjoy all that Phoenixville has to offer.

The other member of our family is Maggie. She is a 2-year-old black lab mutt. We adopted her last May from La Mancha animal rescue in Unionville, PA. She keeps us on our toes, but makes us laugh a whole lot.

Some of my hobbies include golf, hiking, and brewing beer. I love to golf, although I don’t make it out on the course as much as I would like. I also really enjoy hiking. A few of my friends, my brother-in-law, and I have been working on finishing the Appalachian Trail in sections. In addition, I am interested in brewing beer. I really like trying out new recipes, which makes me very popular with my neighbors.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

A lot of pool businesses charge a la carte for pool services, such as an opening or closing, which can add up fast. The way I run my business is to include the necessary services to complete the work and charge a flat rate. A good example would be my opening and closing services. For the price that I charge, most people are happy or impressed with the amount of work that is included. I also perform maintenance weekly, bi-weekly, as well as service calls at very affordable rates.

I am also a big believer in helping my customers with questions they might have. I want them to feel like they can get in touch with me, if it is something simple that they can solve or fix themselves (only if they want) I can talk them through it over the phone at no charge. I always call my clients back within 24 hours, most of the time it is the very same day, and if it is an emergency it gets top priority. I am on call on the weekends for emergencies; most companies do not have this service.




I want to earn your business and I want to keep earning your business. I really do believe that people should be able to afford to have a pool service take care of their pool and that all they should have to do is enjoy it.

I would love to speak with you and have the chance to earn your business.



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