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Just in time for the quickly approaching swimwear season….ugh! Emi will turn your “ugh!” into “ahhhh!”


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Food is my passion! As a Health and Wellness Coach, I transform the lives of everyday people who want to feel great every day, lose weight without dieting and reduce their risk for chronic disease. What you eat does make a difference.


I grew up with my mom having a vegetable garden in almost every house we lived in and as a result I love shopping at all of the local farmer’s markets in the area. We are blessed with many farms to choose from and an abundance of local food in the area – another part of my passion, fresh, local food.


My defining moment, however, was when my oldest (he’s 14 now) was turning one year old and I introduced milk to him after several doses of antibiotics. The short story is that the he ended up not being able to digest anything and after lots of doctor’s visits and tests we didn’t have any answers. It was up to me. I started reading food labels and a lot of nutrition books and changed what we ate as a family. It took over a year with a lot of trial and error but eventually I healed my son’s digestive system. 


That time inspired me and I have worked as a personal chef and catered, always with a focus on having great tasting food. A few years ago I was looking for something to expand my knowledge, something that I could make a real difference with and I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program. This is what I had been searching for, a holistic approach to health and nutrition where the focus is not only on how food can improve health, but how everything else (career, relationship, exercise etc.) that can cause stress affects us. I became certified a year and half ago. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience.

What makes me different? I teach my clients what foods work best for them because I truly believe that everyone is different and not any one way of eating works for everyone. By supporting my client’s unique needs, I am able to help them fit healthy food into their busy lives and they enjoy what they are eating. Eating should be fun, not feeling deprived or guilty. As a single mom and business owner I understand how life can be hectic. Finding balance can be difficult but with good health as foundation, any dream or goal can be attained.

I work one on one with my clients, will be launching a group program soon. Another of the exciting things I do is a grocery store tour. I take participants through the grocery store and show them how to make healthier choices. Just switching from one brand to another can be a great start in improving your health.  I am at various local events in the area. Check the Events page to see where I’m at.

When I’m not spending time with my kids and their various activities or with our two dogs, I’m cooking (frequently with my kids), spending time with friends, and striving to reduce my 5k time.




Phone:  484-888-6563

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