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Mark Kochanowshy and his team at A to Z Appliance Repair are not happy unless YOU are happy! 
Learn more about Mark and his company in our latest client interview below.
“I have built my company on trust and am happy to help our community when they need a hand.  I’m here to build a long term relationship with my clients and treat them like my family.”

Mark Kockanowshy


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Philadelphia and moved into Chester County when I was 4 years old. I started kindergarten at K.D. Markely School in Malvern. After graduating high school at East High School in West Chester, I went to Chubb Keystone School in Swarthmore Pa. for Computer Networking. After graduating from Chubb Keystone I started to work on computers. While working on computers I did a lot of repairs on software programs. I felt that sitting at a desk and working with computer software was not for me. So I looked around and found a job at Sears Service as a Service Technician.

That sounds like a pretty big career leap. What was that like?

When first joining Sears Service as a Service Technician, I was required to pass several courses before I could begin repairing equipment on my own. After becoming certified in Basic ElectricFreon LicenseKitchen Appliance, and Laundry ApplianceI was able to work independently, taking care of my customer’s problems so their life would not be too inconvenienced by broken down appliances. I worked for Sears Service as a Service Technician for 15 years.  That’s a long stretch and during that time I gained a tremendous amount of experience repairing Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves, Ovens, Ranges, Cook Tops, Hot Water Heaters and Water Softeners.

 Sears Service sounds like a great company. Why did you leave?

After working for Sears Service for 15 years, I felt like it was time to move on. In 2004, I took all the knowledge I had built up over the years and started my own appliance repair service named, A to Z Appliance Repair, LLC. After owning my own business for 9 years, I feel fulfilled due to all the times I’ve been able to help people.  When an appliance stops working for whatever reason,  you don’t have to feel helpless and stressed about living without it for weeks. 

I answer all service calls immediately and schedule a convenient time to personally access the problem.  In most cases I can save a client from an enormous expense by repairing the appliances you have and extending their life.  When an appliance breaks it is always unexpected and a homeowner is usually stressed and worried about the burden of having to pay thousands of dollars towards a new one.  Most appliances can be saved and I love that feeling of relieving a customer’s anxiety. 

What happens if you can’t repair the appliance?

Unfortunately,  sometimes an appliance has just had enough and no matter what we try it’s just time to say goodbye. That doesn’t mean I can’t assist you and still save people a ton of money.  In this situation, my decades of experience allows me to serve my clients in a different way and guide them in the right direction and help them make the right decision when having to buy.  I am happy to provide my vast expertise in these typcially asked question as well as other questions that inevitably arise:

When is the right time to buy a new appliance and which appliance should I buy?

What are the best ways to maintain new and used appliances?

Will I be better off buying a new appliance or fixing the one I have?

How can I identify a potential problem and prevent it from getting worse?

Can you refer a company you trust for other household issues such as plumbing, heating, ac, electric?

What are the building blocks of your company? 

I have built my company on trust and am happy to help our community when they need a hand.  I’m here to build a long term relationship with my clients and treat them like my family. That is why I work with the Downingtown/Thornadale Chamber of Commerce as well as the West Chester Chamber of Commerce.

 No concern is too small or too large,  please call me and we can figure out how to fix it. 

Meghan Kelly

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