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It’s that time of year again. Time to dust off the equipment, bring in the pros and kick off the start of The Big Season. Hockey season? No, it’s Tax Season!

As you begin digging through your receipts, yanking financial statements out of your ears, wading through tax forms and, basically, pulling out your hair; certain financial questions will begin to arise. 

Am I ever going to pay off my debt? Am I going to get a tax refund or owe taxes this year? Am I saving enough? Should I have someone look at my finances to see if I am doing this right?  What if I am unknowingly hindering my retirement or tuition savings for my children? Is there someone that can answer all of my questions and make sure that my family and business are safe?

Yes! Anthony Mascherino will guide you through the confusing path to financial security with ease, utilizing his trademarked “ Living Balance Sheet”. 

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“At Mascherino Financial, we know that financial success is the result of discipline, hard work and smart, informed decision-making. To build and maintain and effective financial strategy, it’s important to seek out the right people who look to understand what is important to you, guide you, and provide long-term support as you move through the various stages of your financial life.”

– Anthony J. Mascherino


How we work with individuals

The personal financial decisions individuals make are collectively part of an overall wealth creation or risk reduction strategy. Retirement plan packages, college funding, mortgages, wills, inheritance, individually-owned protection products, mutual funds, stocks, and real estate, etc. are all fundamental elements of an entire financial plan.

Mascherino Financial associates use a financial blueprint, called the ‘PS and G’ Model (Protection, Savings and Growth) to evaluate whether clients are efficiently integrating and coordinating all elements of their plan to build maximum financial wealth and protection. This unique model also simplifies the understanding of how one financial decision can significantly impact another.

Associates of Mascherino Financial use a unique online financial organization tool called The Living Balance Sheet. The Living Balance Sheet® provides you with a consolidated and up-to-date view of your complete financial picture. With one account you gain access to daily updates for all of your:



Insurance protection

Cash flow

Your net worth is automatically calculated and updated daily based on your current assets and liabilities. With all accounts and values in one location, you always know what you have and what you’re worth.

The Living Balance Sheet® provides a secure online vault where you can safely store copies of important financial documents. Next time you need a copy of your will, birth certificate or tax return, you’ll know right where to look.

The Living Balance Sheet® is there when you need it at work, home, or on the go. As long as you have Internet access, you can get answers, check balances and see all of your important documents. The “track and monitor” system used in the Living Balance Sheet® is non-transactional, so it’s impossible for money to be moved in or out. Our 256-bit, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption has never been breached. Your information is secure.

This tool is available to all clients of Mascherino Financial free of charge.

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