New Blogger! Welcome Margaret Celli, L.Ac., NCCAOM!

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Welcome our newest blogger, Margaret Celli, L.Ac., NCCAOM!
“Acupuncture and Asian Medicine with Margaret”

Margaret Celli L.Ac. is the owner and founder of Inner Light Wellness Acupuncture, Downingtown PA.  Margaret has been an alternative medicine practitioner for over 20 years, specializing in Pain, Allergies, Digestion, Menopause, Insomnia, and Stress Relief. Serving the Chester County and Philadelphia area, Margaret is passionate about getting you back to the things you love with Acupuncture!
Margaret will contribute weekly to the newest blog, “Acupuncture and Asian Medicine with Margaret”. As you follow Margaret’s blog, you can expect:
-Helpful information about common conditions successfully treated with acupuncture.
-Latest research on acupuncture and its effectiveness for pain, weight loss, insomnia, and more.
-Common mistakes we all make with our daily diet that contribute to allergies, sinus problems, weight gain and more.
-Ways to eat healthier by making choices according to Asian Medicine principles of balance and harmony.


Enjoy the first installment, “Don’t be S.A.D. – Acupuncture for Seasonal Affective Disorder” by Clicking Here.
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