Need to Catch Up or Keep Up this Summer? Triumph Tutoring Can Help!

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Did you know that students will lose 70% of what they have learned during the school year over the summer if they do not maintain some form of regular academic activity? Here’s a few things you need to know:

At Triumph Tutoring, Inc., all of our tutoring sessions and programs are designed to be year-round – not just for maintenance during the school year. Although the end of the academic year is rapidly approaching, our tutors are not slowing down. Summer is the perfect opportunity for students to catch up in the areas that they need additional support, as well as to gain new knowledge and implement healthy lifestyle and study habits to prepare them for the next school year.

Learning doesn’t end just because school is on break. In fact, summer session is when student’s minds and schedules are freed from their usual obligations, and they are finally available and receptive to learning on a new, personal level. Students who continue with regular sessions throughout the summer make significantly more progress than those who don’t, and have less difficulty transitioning and asking for help when the new school year begins.

Our academic tutoring programs include a year-round approach with summer sessions. We provide all materials at no additional cost, and we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your vacation and family time. It is only to your child’s benefit to continue sharpening their skills and keep up the consistency. Our summer sessions differ in that they are tailored more to your child’s interests – and new information is presented in fun, creative ways which they can relate to. All of our tutors are trained professionals with experience in generating individual lessons that keep students engaged and making progress, even when the warm, summer weather often seems to distract us.

Finally, I’d like to remind you all that you can stay informed with the latest topics in education and our community by reading my blog on and by following us on Facebook and Twitter. At Triumph Tutoring, Inc., we strive to provide the best service possible to each of our clients – and we are constantly educating ourselves and our staff about the most effective ways in which students can learn and make progress.

Through our tutoring sessions, your child is gaining and invaluable service – they are acquiring life skills that equip them for academics AND life. We coach our students on how to navigate through challenges, cope with obstacles they may face, take initiative, and plan for their own future by defining and utilizing their unique strengths. Let’s continue investing in your child today, so they can independently and successfully pursue a bright tomorrow.

If a student you know is struggling in school, looking to bring up their grades, or just excel in a particular subject area, we are here to help!

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