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The story of how Brent Morgan Motorcars was born…

An unbreakable friendship started almost 10 years ago under the car lifts of a Havertown landmark, John J. Gallagher & Co. Mercedes-Benz Specialists.  Matt McGeever and John Gallagher III spent hour after hour of their high school years covered in gear oil and grease; sprouting wrenches from every pocket and typically elbow-deep in any engine they could lay their hands on.


Under the tutelage of John’s father, John J. Gallagher II, the bourgeoning “alley mechanics” received an education in auto repair and restoration that very few were privy to. John’s father was known as the east coast source for foreign and classic car restoration and repair.  Chubby Checker, Joe Frazer, Jackie Gleason, Patty LaBelle and Will Smith, just to name a few, wheeled in car after car for the special touch of John Gallagher II. The shop atmosphere was addicting to most car lovers, combining the spectacle of a Mecum auto show, the camaraderie of a classic barbershop and the precision of a high-tech laboratory, all rolled into one.  From an early age, Matt and John were hooked.

As often times happens, the two took different paths, but always maintaining their friendship. Matt went off to college at Wake Forest, majoring in economics and caught the entrepreneur bug early in his academic career.  At seventeen, Matt had already started a car brokerage company on eBay and rapidly built a very impressive network in the car industry. One of his clients introduced Matt to the world of commercial real estate, and, before graduating, Matt formed Brent Morgan Properties LLC, now one of the top performing real estate holding and development companies in the West Chester area. Matt’s success can be attributed to an unwavering work ethic, developed early on and honed by an innate sense to succeed. Therefore, it is not surprising that he is alarmingly driven, focused and business savvy at such a young age.

John always preferred greasy hands to neckties and chose to continue his education at his father’s shop. Among the multitude of volumes of knowledge passed to John was the key to John’s current success – the lost art of automobile diagnostics. John learned how to listen to what a car is saying, to speak to it, interact and gather feedback. He keeps a state of the art computer in his toolbox for modern cars, but first and foremost he always approaches a problem through thought and reason. Now an expert in is own right, John treats each new car that comes into the shop with reverence, precision and inquisition that can only come from a true understanding and appreciation of automobiles. To see John in action is a real treat. His eyes are sparked with electricity and his brow furrows with concentration as he circles, examines, and prescribes. John’s passion for cars is palpable when you are in his presence.

Although their paths diverged for a time, in 2008, the necktie and greasy hands combo made a comeback and started taking on clients of their own. At first, John and Matt rented lifts as needed in different shops, worked in alleys, driveways and wherever they could find space.  While it began as a sideline business for Matt, the client base grew rapidly and he soon realized they needed to find a space of their own. Having a keen eye for real estate, Matt spotted, researched and purchased a historic building in West Chester, located at 127 East Miner Street.  Plans were soon underway to gut and reconstruct the building and, at the same time, keep the historical features preserved throughout. On January 29, 2012, Brent Morgan Motorcars opened its doors to a gathering of over 100 guests to celebrate a friendship and business based in honesty and integrity.

Brent Morgan Motorcars focuses mainly in repair and restoration of Mercedes-Benz automobiles from the 1920s, right up to the present day.  They are also known for their work on vintage Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and other European manufacturers, as well as pre-war American cars.  Brent Morgan Motorcars’ mission is to provide individualized attention and exceptional service at an aggressively competitive price point.  So far, Matt and John are succeeding and definitely making their mark on West Chester, PA.

To learn more about Brent Morgan Motorcars, you can visit their website at, Facebook page: or stop by the shop located at 127 E. Miner Street, West Chester, PA 19382.  You can also phone the guys at 484-887-0077.

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