My Mom Doesn’t Like Rats

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So my mom (a Chester County resident FYI), like many women of her age, likes to occasionally play the slots. 

She was at Harrah’s in Chester one time and one of my old buddies from high school happened to see her and mentioned it to me when we were on the phone. 

I had fun telling mom that she had been spotted and that I had spies everywhere because, like every other mom I knew growing up, she ALWAYS seemed to know where I had been. 

She really wanted to know who had spotted her, so I told her it was one of my high school buddies Jim Kelley. 

Mom, “Oh, was he one of those Saint Andrews boys? From Drexel Hill right?” 

Me, “Yes” 

Mom, “Well that figures, one of your Upper Darby friends would never be a rat, we have a code.” 

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