My Experience with It Works! {A Series}

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At any event in town or on just about anyone’s Facebook feed, you probably see someone wearing green and black talking passionately about these It Works! wraps that shrink your belly (or whatever area you want to see definition in).  I have been seeing this everywhere and, just like everyone else, I was intrigued.  After 3 babies in 4 ½ years, my body can use some work….


Here’s how it works:


The wraps help to detox the fat cells that are stored in any given area.  There is not magic to this, simple chemistry.  A wrap is placed on clean skin and held in place with plastic wrap.  The gel, made up of all natural detoxifying ingredients, sits against the skin for 45 minutes and continues to do it’s work over a 72 hour period.


It is 100% necessary to drink a TON of water during the 72 hours after a wrap so that the toxins being stored in your body can be washed away.  It is also recommended to avoid caffeine and alcohol during that time.


I am extremely fortunate because I have been given the opportunity to test out the amazing It Works! products in exchange for my honest feedback…and pictures of my less than attractive midsection to show my results…. I am going to tell you whether It Works! works for me.

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I am going to take actual pictures of my post baby belly in 4 stages and post them on the internet for the world to see.


Please be kind!


(and if you know me IRL, please try not to picture my stomach area every time you see me.)


Stop back Wednesday for my first reveal.  My first wrap was applied on Saturday afternoon by the lovely Gina, so my first 72 hour period is up tomorrow afternoon.


Who doesn’t want to see someone else’s belly after 3 babies?  Just me?  I didn’t think so 😉

Also, I will be posting pics on my social media accounts so you can see more about my experience.


If you like what you see happening and would like to check out the It Works! products, try a wrap or talk about opportunities with the company, please contact Gina [].  She would be happy to answer any of your questions!


Follow Gina on Twitter @Skinnyfitwrap


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