Mini Skirts. Yes, it’s November and I said “Mini Skirts”!

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rencontre hlel Going Here company website site rencontre pour mariage france site de rencontre antillais de france you can find out more conoce chicas Mini Skirts.  Yes, it’s November and I said “Mini Skirts”.  They are in for Fall in a big way.  But alas, how do you wear them without having goose bumps 18 hrs a day (I’m assuming you don’t fall asleep in your day clothes, but if you do, I’m not judging).

Sport that mini with tights!  It’s the hottest look right now and I suggest you give it a try. 

 With the variety of tights that are out right now, the perfect pair is out there to coordinate with your super hot mini.  By adding a pair of tights, you add a touch of modesty, lots of functionality, and tons of personality.  A few staple tights options every fashionable lady should have are opaque black, grey and brown, and some textured tights too – think ribbed or cable knit.

 Check out six different looks we’ve put together.

 This first grouping of looks is a very wearable.  The skirt and tights combos are kept simple, even with the addition of some bold colors.  Dark opaque tights are great for slimming the leg too. FASHION BONUS!  A black mini skirt is a must-have for every wardrobe and the perfect blank canvas for tights of all styles and is a great place to start if you’ve never rocked this look.  The middle look is a black knit mini skirt with silver threading for a dressier look – Great for the Holidays (it’s right around the corner!)


 This second group of looks is for the seasoned miniskirt/tights wearer.  Go bold by mixing it up!  Wear your outfit with confidence and YES, you can definitely pull it off.  This season, miniskirts are really going nuts with patterns and I’m loving it.  In the photo on the left and center, the model is wearing a bandage skirt, which feels stiff when you first pick it up.  But once you put it on, it just sucks you all in and smooths out bumps.  What woman doesn’t want that?

 Patterned tights can do wonders for your legs too.  Find the right style and you’ll trick your friends into thinking you’ve grown 4” overnight.  Look for patterns with diagonal lines such as the two outer styles.  It’s a trick that petite girls like me have been using for years!


 So try this dynamic duo out.  You don’t have to be young or old, curvy or tiny, this or that.  ANYONE can pull this look off as long as you have the right pieces to work with. Play around with what you have, or of course, come into Nich and we can pull together the perfect pairing for you! 

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