Meat 101: “Professor” Kelley of Colonial Village Meat Market Schools us in all things Meat

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By Meghan Kelly

We are now smack dab in the holiday high-season for parties, catering, cooking and basically, everything overindulgent when it comes to cuisine. When someone asks you, “What’s for dinner?”, they’re not asking if you are serving green beans or mashed potatoes. The hungry inquisitor wants to know if they will be enjoying a tender steak, juicy chicken, plump pork chops or finger-licking ribs…just to name a few. 

But where do you turn for the highest quality meats in Chester County with that old-school feel where you know your butcher by name? Colonial Village Meat Market, of course.  Grab your mittens as we head into the meat locker at Colonial with owner, Kevin Kelley.

Recently, there has been a noticeable shift in consumer awareness, especially regarding the food industry. We now want to know the origin of our food, what it was fed and how long it took to get to our table. These are all good developments and are catapulting us back to a time when we moved at a slower pace, paid attention to our food and when we actually had conversations with our butchers and bakers. 
Kevin Kelley explained, “We buy our meat directly from Iowa Beef Co. They operate a kosher plant where all the animals are fed grain and grass. Also, the turnaround time is incredible. If the meat is delivered on Thursday, it has a Monday pack date! The meat is absolutely dynamo.”  

And it shows. The top quality meats are flying off the shelves. If you are a meat connoisseur, you might have noticed the rarity of custom cut meats – Colonial’s specialty. Kevin and his crew of butchers are one of only a few shops in Chester County to offer custom cut meats. 

The list includes: filet mignon, crown roast of lamb, crown roast of pork, fresh turkey breast, fresh Jaindl turkeys, boneless pork roast, prime rib roasts, leg of lamb, Aldefrer smoked ham, ducks and Cornish hens.

“Professor” Kelley also stays on top of changes in the market, “This year, we need to make sure we are staying ahead of the game and because the demand for our meat is high and the market is forecasted to drop.” The Foreign Agriculture Service/USDA backs up these claims. “U.S. beef production is forecast to plunge 6%. Declining cattle inventories, spurred by lower calf crops in recent years, and fewer live cattle imports have resulted in tight supplies available for slaughter. Furthermore, 2014 does not bode well for short-term recovery as heifer retention may further limit supplies of slaughter cattle.”

What does that mean for you and your holiday dinners? GET IN EARLY and order your custom cut meats from Colonial Village Meat Markets. Not cooking this year? Colonial has you covered too. Click Here to peruse the catering menu for your corporate or in-home parties. Kevin offers pickup or delivery and will even set up your spread upon arrival.

Stop in today and meat up with “Professor” Kelley! 

Colonial Village Meat Market 

Parkway Shopping Center 

929 S. High Street, West Chester, PA 19382 


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Meghan Kelly

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