Maybe the least masculine moment of my adult life.

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Not one but two HUGE dragonflies just flew into my place as I’m working at my desk. I should mention that I work out of my home and that it’s an 800 Sq ft condo 20 stories up. 
Just spent 15 minutes throwing things at them, swinging at them, retreating from them, trying to remember if they can sting the hell out of you and then finally killing both of them. 
At one point they had bunkered down behind my recliner so I couldn’t get a clear shot at them. So I started throwing things at them to flush them out. Coasters, magazines and then I thought a hard cover book might do the trick. 
I didn’t want to use a good hardcover but fortunately mom had bought me a book by Dr Phil as a gag (I think) years ago. 
Even dragonflies don’t wanna be near that dope because once I threw that into their corner they flew outa there and right into my clipboard.
I’m now covered in sweat. 
The greatest generation I am not.

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