Malvern Resident Launches New Book, “Sgt. Gast: Conversations with a Cosmic Warrior”

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After a remarkable 30 year journey, Malvern resident Ron Strobel completed writing and publishing the story that captures the adventure he experienced during the Korean War.

He tracked down his beloved platoon leader, and drew from his experiences while serving to write, Sgt. Gast:  Conversations with a Cosmic Warrior.

It’s the tale of a young suburban Philadelphia man whose life is transformed by a life-changing event that occurs while manning a foxhole, and the chain of events that unfold from that fateful moment.


While the book is riveting, and the plot is filled with surprises, the heart of the book introduces a mindset that sets readers on a path toward achieving outcomes, noticing the unobvious and getting results by design.

As a veteran, he hopes his book will serve those who have served the country.  The book will hit book stores in January, and the initial launch comprises a limited commemorative edition of 250 stamped and hand-signed hardback books.



Ron Strobel is President of Malvern-based VideoNet where he is an award-winning corporate video and field producer.  He is responsible for more than 500 broadcast television shoots for ESPN, CNN, Disney, E Entertainment, The Discovery Channel and others and has produced seven festival films, shot in 5 countries, winning a total of six awards including the prestigious Philadelphia International Film Festival.

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