Making the Switch from iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy s5

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It is something I said I could never do.  


I swore that I didn’t have it in me to learn a new system or to leave something so integrated into our everyday lives.  When you think of apps, you think of iTunes and the App Store.  When you see pictures of smartphones, even on kids shows, it’s always an iPhone.  Apple makes it easy to slide into the complacency of it all.  


But I was kinda getting tired of the same old thing.  I was mad that the “cloud” I paid extra for wasn’t storing pictures, I wanted a bigger screen, I was jealous of the pictures other people were taking and I wanted more storage without paying extra.  I wanted a change.


If you want to make the change or are just curious how it has gone, here’s my experience after a full week:


The Good


  • The screen is BIG on the Samsung Galaxy s5.  No issues with fitting things in or going screen to screen.  I love how much I see at once.   
  • The camera is awesome and has more settings for the ultimate (i)phoneography (see what I mean about integrated?) experience.  It took some messing with the settings to see what I prefer, but I found that with kids, especially little ones, that the automatic setting captures the constant motion best 😉 
  • The storage has been great so far.  All of my apps work super fast and I don’t have to worry about how much I have open at once.  I am not worried about my videos and pictures and not having enough room to take the all important shot just to be told I don’t have space… HUGE peeve of mine. 
  • The “Kids Mode” is a nice touch.  I can download apps specifically for my kids and keep them in a seperate file that they can only get into without me helping.  They need a code to get out.   
  • Google Play has been awesome.  Despite having almost all Apple products for the last 5 years, Google is where I work.  Before I even considered getting the Samsung seriously, I went onto Google to make sure all of my apps would transition seamlessly and I put everything into my “Wish List” so that I could enter them all without the seach.  It worked out perfectly!  As soon as I got my phone home and entered my email (Gmail account), I pulled up Google Play and my Wish List was already waiting for me.  I downloaded each app in a few seconds and it was done.  There are also lots of apps that the kids like that are free and I’m not hoarding space anymore.  


The Bad


  • Getting to the new system is ongoing.  I find myself trying to do things out of habbit and getting frustrated because I don’t know how it works.   
  • I haven’t found a guided access like the iPhone had.  iPhone did not have “Kids Mode,” but I could open and app for them and start guided access so that they would not be able to get out.  There are some apps that I would allow my kids to use (like YouTube for videos – they are always near me when they are on my phone so I can see and hear what they are watching) that are not allowed in Kids Mode.  I get why, but it’s frustrating. My son constantly hits the “back” button on the button because he isn’t used to something being there, so we are having to relocate the video he wants to watch. 
  • Bigger screen = Bigger phone.  Lady’s pockets are not necessarily made for a large phone, just sayin…


I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy.  I can figure most things out and if I can’t, I know where to look for the answers.  It’s just a matter of time and patience and learning a new phone comes after taking care of my family, working, sleeping and eating – in that order.  I’m getting there 😉

Have you made a switch like this?  Are you satisfied with your choice?


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