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Recently I was approached by Bob Madonna, Partner and CEO of Makin’ Music for Families and I jumped at the opportunity to receive their brand new DVD that brings that magic of Makin’ Music for Families home.  (This post contains affiliate links)




If your child attends school or camp or even joins in at events at local family institutions, you have likely experienced a music program for young children.  I bet that you were impressed (even if you didn’t want to admit it) and that your child had a blast!  Sometimes we roll our eyes, “not another kids sing along…” but we actually love it because our kids love it.  What is it about these programs that draw kids in?  Why are they integral parts of almost every preschool and childcare program?  What makes them so important?


Makin Music for Families can answer all of that for you!


Why it Works:

Music engages children on a very basic level.  It gives them a voice and outlet while opening them up to learning, all at the same time! Makin’ Music for Families is designed to actively engage a parent and their child in fun and exciting activities that boost a child’s social confidence, through researched and proven activities that strengthen a parent/child bond.


Music Improves Academic Performance:

The focus in schools today is on Math and Science.  To make room for more of this, schools are cutting art and music programs.  However, research consistently shows that children who are exposed to music, especially at a young age, do better in math and science.  They are also happier, more creative and better at forming social relationships!


I don’t know about you, but I had friends that were super achievers in school and later in their careers. Remember those guys? Maybe you were one of them?  What did they seem to have in common?  They were involved, they participated in activities such as sports teams and music programs and  they usually had families that were right behind them encouraging them and cheering them on.  Where does that start?


The benefits of a program like Makin’ Music for families include:

  • Creating a strong foundation for music education
  • Cognitive benefits in early childhood development
  • Bonding with your child through singing and dancing together
  • FUN!
  • Physical activity – dancing, playing instruments and moving to the music
  • Learning – numbers, letters, counting, sign language, the alphabet, music terms, etc… Every song and activity has a lesson and it is explained in the DVD when they discuss the science behind the curriculum.


Not everyone has a child in school or can make it to music classes with their kids.  Life is busy and it’s hard with work and obligations, but now there is a way for you to enjoy making music with your kids at home!  Makin Music for Families has released it’s first in a series of DVD’s – A new and exciting way for you and your child to grow and learn while forming a  lasting musical bond!




 Each DVD includes:


  • Two 30 minute music classes
  • Step-by-step instructions for making instruments at home
  • Information on the science behind the curriculum.


The music is beautiful, the teachers have great voices and get your kids excited to sing, dance and play and it is a quality program with real science behind the lessons.  


Music has been something that my children and I bond over regularly.  We listen to music at home and in the car, we watch music DVD’s and videos on TV and the computer.   My daughter is a dancer and literally taps, pliets and sachets every second of the day.  My boys want to make loud music with instruments and they love to create a band and perform for us.  It gets them all involved in something together and it makes for really adorable home videos 😉  This DVD is the perfect fit for my kids, especially my little guy because it is giving him a foundation and his own voice.


To order your copy of Makin Music for Families, visit their website


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