Love Your Ladies Again After Your Mastectomy

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When you think of tattooing, you probably think of decorating the body with art. However, there is a form of tattooing that uses art to heal, not decorate, the body. Areola and Nipple Tattooing can help you to love your ladies after your Mastectomy. Mandy Sauler, owner of Captivating Cosmetics, is

specially trained in this specific form of tattooing that restores the breast to their most natural looking form. Learn more by clicking the read more button below: 

What is Areola & Nipple Tattooing?
This is the placement of pigment beneath the epidermis of the skin in the areola area, otherwise known as micropigmentation. This process is done using a machine that moves 3,000 times per minute, injecting insoluble ink into the dermis. The pigments used by Captivating Cosmetics are pure organic pigments.

Will I have pain during the procedure?

No. 98% of the time there is no pain in the reconstructed breast. For the other 2%, Captivating Cosmetics will apply a topical anesthetic so there is little to no pain.

Will I be able to go back to my normal activities after this procedure?
There is no down time with Areola & Nipple Tattooing. However, there are a few restrictions: no vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours and no soaking in bathtubs, swimming pools or jacuzzis for at least 7 days after.

What does a typical before and after procedure look like?

Do to the family-centric content of this website, we are unable to post before and after pictures of the Areola & Nipple Tattooing. However, if you would like to see the amazing transformations of past Captivating Cosmetic clients, simply CLICK HERE.

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