Love to Bike, Hate the Hills?

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Is your traditional bicycle buried in your garage, collecting dust, and resting on slowly deflating tires?  If so, you definitely have the wrong bicycle to fit your lifestyle. Believe it or not, you can have fun on your bike again (the hills actually disappear in front of you), get great workouts and help the environment all at the same time.

The electric bike is here in West Chester and has come of age, providing just enough assistance to level that daunting hill. On an E-Bike, you’re in charge. The electric bike of today is sleek, lightweight and rides just like a conventional bike.  The primary components are a light-weight lithium battery and powerful, little hub motor. The motor is operated through a seamless  “pedal-assist” torque sensor (the harder you pedal, the more help you get) or twist grip throttle. Some bikes may have both. You can achieve speeds between 14-18 MPH, depending on the motor size, with ranges between 15-35 miles.

Electric bikes are being used more and more for commuting by all age groups. An E-Bike will get you there faster, with less sweat and a lot less money, while reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. E-Bike commuters are the ultimate in multitasking and like to get their workouts on the way home.

Hybrid Cycles is West Chester’s source for E-Bikes. Jim and Gary have an informative business de la rencontre en ligne site de rencontre pour ado sur mobile dating sarah cooper siera maley epub rencontre entre femmes musulmanes la rencontre entre manon lescaut et le chevalier des grieux rencontres femmes pau site de rencontre 100 gratuit belge online dating sites free no required credit card go site site de rencontre 50 60 ans 20-minute power point presentation, at no obligation, for groups who are interested in learning about electric bikes. Here are a few of the topics they cover: History of E-Bikes, Electric bike components, Types of E-Bikes on the market, Laws pertaining to E-Bikes and E-Bike demonstration.

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