Let’s Talk Humidity, Heat and Hair

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Since Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to the summer season, we thought we would cover 2 hair care issues and solutions most of us will struggle with over the summer months: humidity (ughhhh) & the effect the sun and our favorite activities has on our hair!

Let’s talk humidity…so, your hair looks perfect in the comfort of your air conditioned home…then you open the door to hazy, hot and yes…HUMID! What just happened? There are real solutions to that question…Keratin Treatments for your hair (there are many options)…the most popular and effective treatment is named Brazilian Blowout…a 90 minute keratin protein treatment that closes the frizzy cuticle so the humid moist water molecule is blocked from ruining the look you worked so hard for lasting up to 12 weeks….and your “get ready” time in the morning is just 1 added bonus says Jamie Segar from La Difference Salon.

The next seasonal effect is primarily the sun…yup, the same UV rays that damage your skin also harm your locks (you too guys)…especially if you have color treated or highlighted hair. The good news is, there are real solutions! Wear a hat (trendy of course). Also, consult with your salon professional (no, not the stock person @ Walmart or CVS)…a professional will be your savior and help you with the products you will need.

Having a few of the right products in your bag will make the difference in protecting your hair color and texture. Here are just a few suggestions: Eufora Hydration Leave-In Conditioner It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In L’Oreal Mythic Oil Colour Glow…all have UV protection and will nourish your hair!

Another popular summer activity is swimming…there is nothing like a dip in the pool to escape the hot summer days. One of the biggest challenges is the pools’ chlorine, especially for blondes. Did you know that chlorine does most of its damage as it dries on your hair? Keeping your hair wet will help as you rest by the pool. Wetting your hair with with club soda will help  release the chlorine’s grip on your strands. If the chlorine has had the chance to “stick” to your hair (you know that feeling) there are other remedies…Kimberly Knapp of La Difference Salon recommends “The swimmers best friend treatment”. Using Aloe Vera based Eufora professional hair care, Kimberly shampoos with Urgent Repair before applying the actual treatment under a warm dryer. These Eufora products are also valuable in skin damage protection by adding Pure Polish Drops to your favorite UV skin sunscreen…it will assist in keeping your skin moist and hydrated
while adding SPF protection. Being proactive is the best way to prevent damage.

Lastly, after a day in the sun, wind and humidity a hair masque (deep conditioner) is recommended…there are many to choose from but our favorites are made by L’Oreal…there is one for every hair texture and color treatment.

So, be safe this summer season and be smart about the products you choose. Remember, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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