Lady’s Review of Camp K-9: A Dog’s Perspective

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Meet, Lady, an 11-year-old Australian Shepherd and the official mascot of Read her first of many doggie reviews below where she rates her experience at Camp K-9 Paradise for Paws. Make sure you check out the special offers from Camp K-9 during the month of May. 

My name is Lady and I chose to guard and herd the Kelly family about 11 years ago. They had a nice smell, excellent flavor from my initial licking test and gave exceptional tummy rubs right from the start. The littlest one, Indy, was a challenge to herd at first, but now that she is nine, it’s much easier to keep her in line.  I take the mom, Meghan, out for walks in trails by the house and love going for rides in the dad’s 65 GTO convertible. There’s nothing like having the wind in your hair. I have about four acres of territory that I need to patrol and sometimes, just for kicks, I attempt to herd the deer that run through my yard. I try to keep it interesting.

Being a working dog, I was ecstatic when the Kelly’s named me the official mascot of about two years ago. Finally, I might add because I felt like I was interviewing forever – waking Meghan up early and escorting her to the coffee maker and then over to the office where I kept guard and made sure all visitors were announced. A typical day consists of spreading out right next to her chair in the sunspot to make sure she has difficulty leaving the computer and stays on task.  If she does manage to get up, I herd her right back to the desk and assume the ‘get back to work’ position. Sometimes it is very long hours, but definitely fulfilling work.

Recently, to my surprise, my job description expanded to making public appearances to review local parks, stores, spas and hotels. My first assignment was a hotel, spa, exercise facility and university all in one called Camp K-9 Paradise for Paws. My task was to write a review on the overall condition of the facility and my experience in the spa. Before visiting, I was diligent about my prep work. If I was going to truly test the ability of the spa, I needed to get nice and dirty. I knew I had just the right amout of dirt and pungent aroma when Matt, the dad, started repeating, “Pee-Yew! You are one dirty dog!” 

The day had finally come for my first appearance when Meghan grabbed my travel bag. I was the first one to the door, panting with anticipation. (The Kelly’s take so long to get out the door.)

The trip over to Camp K-9 on West Chester Pike was easy. I only had to bark at a few cars that were a little too close for comfort. Upon my arrival, the owner, Jason Morgera, greeted me.
He had the suburb smell of a perfume I like to call “Ultimate Dog Lover”. My sniff test was confirmed when he knew exactly where to scratch my ears. I think he was just buttering me up for a good review, but the ear massage was so good, I didn’t care. 
He also notified me that I would be on live TV during my visit and showed me each of the webcams throughout the facility. Thank goodness because now that I am a TV personality as well, I wanted to make sure the cameras caught my good sides.
After marking my territory with a quick pee, which Jason immediately cleaned up (frustrating because that was the last of my pee reserves), I was off to take the grand tour. First stop was what looked like an impromptu party.
I said hello and greeted each guest with a proper sniff. (I told Chase, the handsome Boston terrior, to friend me on Facebook.I chatted with everyone for a bit so I could get their opinion of Camp K-9. 
Buckley, a blind Jack Russell, was the first to bark up. He loves hanging by the front desk and checking each guest in and making sure everyone feels welcome.
Madden, a poodle-mix, explained that at first, being away from her family was hard, but after making friends and playing all day, it makes the time just fly by. Guinness, a chocolate lab, couldn’t stop barking and drooling about the all-natural, tasty food. Overall, the party guests had nothing but positive things to share.

I wanted to get in a quick workout before my spa session, so I said goodbye to the group and had Jason take me outside for some fresh air and a quick romp. I was impressed by the spaciousness of the exercise facility but I needed to investigate further with an in-depth smell test of every inch; special emphasis on the tree and water bucket.

Jason was excited to tell me that he was upgrading the outdoor space with many new features including soft turf, a pavilion and other features that would be revealed once completed. My interest was peaked and I told Meghan that I’m definitely coming back for the grand reopening. I had a great workout and was ready for my spa treatment.
Rich, the head stylist, gave me the once over and suggested a relaxing soak in the tub with an aromatherapy shampoo, blowout, trim and, of course, a mani/pedi. I told him, not too short on the cut, I prefer the coconut scent and I like the fluffy look, it helps to accentuate my butt wiggle. Rich was a great listener and followed my instructions to a ‘t’.

His shampooing technique was so relaxing that I had to stop and give him a kiss halfway through. We worked well together throughout my spa treatments. I helped Rich by shaking off a good amount of water and Rich helped to quell my nerves about writing my first article with a nice, long brushing session. We picked out a bandana that best suited my coloring and then I was off for my big reveal!

I was sad to say goodbye to Jason, Rich and my new friends but I knew I would be back in a few weeks. After reviewing my notes, I decided to give Jason a five paw review. Camp K-9 has a clean, friendly environment with a spacious outdoor area and top of the line spa. 

I was smiling from ear-to-ear during my photo shoot and felt like I was four again!

Just like the sign reads hanging on the wall, “You had me at woof!”




News from Camp K-9


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Camp K-9 Philosophy

Camp K-9 Paradise For Paws provides expert day care, pet grooming, boarding, training and handling services for dogs in West Chester and the surrounding areas. Camp K-9 provides a home-away-from-home feeling that your dogs not only desire, but also deserve. We have created an environment that focuses on safety, cleanliness, comfort and fun for our guests. We demonstrate these principles everyday to our guests, and their owners, to ensure that they have the best and most balanced lives possible. This beautiful relationship between canine and human is our passion and we prove it.

Meghan Kelly

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