Kildare’s New Spring Sliders! Yum!

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I was 15 minutes early for my meeting scheduled with Joe Lovell, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Kildare’s, but he welcomed me and invited me to have a seat next to the bar so we could discuss all of the spring promotions coming up.  It definitely seemed appropriate since the weather today was gorgeous and the sidewalks were crowded with locals getting out for some much needed fresh air.  

The staff was busy setting up for the Friday lunch crowd and people started to wander in one by one.  Joe excused himself to race back to Chef James Jones to alert him that I had arrived so he could have something prepared for me to sample.  I was very impressed by the red carpet he was rolling out to make me feel like I was an important guest at his establishment.  

Joe returned to our table and jumped right into how much he loves working at Kildare’s and how different it is from his competitors.  They really go out of their way to make sure that every guest who walks through the door not only wants to come back, but also returns over and over, becoming a regular part of the Kildare’s family.  Joe even chuckled as he told me about a “farewell party” they had thrown for frequent customers to the restaurant who were moving out of state.  He is a proud employee and is full of ideas on how to help Kildare’s growing and improving. As we were talking, Kildare’s owner, Dave McGrogan, stopped by to introduce himself.  Yes, the actual owner is there on the floor working, moving tables around, helping his staff, and seemed happy to be so hands-on.  Joe explained how dedicated Dave is to his restaurants and that he even travels to Ireland to acquire authentic pieces to display functionally and decoratively.  Realizing I was sitting in an imported chair, I was comfortably impressed.

Joe excused himself again for a moment and returned with a beautiful plate of brand new, spring menu items to taste.  Kildare’s is launching a spring promotion called “Spring Sliders” which just began on April 1st.  I grabbed my napkin and dove right in.  There are 5 different sliders to choose from and are served in orders of 3.  I was lucky enough to sample one of each and will definitely be going back before this promotion is over. 


Whole grain mustard accompanies the salmon slider, which, I must say, is always a terrific pairing.  

The pulled pork slider tasted like it was slow roasted over a camp fire and I can see customers ordering a 2nd round of these smokey little treats.  It was topped with crispy coleslaw and a drizzle of sweet yet tangy BBQ sauce.  Yum! 



Next up was the original deluxe cheeseburger slider, the granddaddy of all sassy new creations and founder of the slider concept.  It was cooked perfectly and tasted like the summer grill we have all missed all winter.  Next, I took a bite of what Joe said was their veggie burger.  Um HUH?  “This can’t be a veggie burger!”  I exclaimed, “because veggie patties are usually dry, crumbly, and under seasoned.” 


This was the tastiest meatless burger I had ever eaten.  It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  It had an awesome kick from the pepper jack cheese and dollop of pesto that gave it a unique finish.  Wow, I predict that everyone else will have the same reaction. 

And last but not least is the Drunken Slider.  Yep, that’s right, a beef burger basted in Guinness Stout.   AHHHHHH! It was delicious. 



I wouldn’t have been able to put my finger on that Guinness secret ingredient without being led in that direction, however it created one juicy slider.  And as if that wasn’t enough, the drunken slider was generously topped with bleu cheese and caramelized onions.  

All of these fabulous little devils are served on a super soft onion roll.  And if you are still hungry after all of those sliders, Kildare’s has 3 types and flavors of french fries to choose from.  (Sigh) my weakness. The classic french cut salted french fries, garlic and herb fries, or my personal favorite the old bay seasoned fries.  

It was quite generous for Kildare’s to roll out this red carpet for me. However, as I devoured my sliders, I realized they treated everyone that came in with the same attention.  Before throwing in the towel, Joe and I touched on some very important charity events that Kildare’s has sponsored in the past and that they plan on always giving back to the community. 

We shared our company mottos, which sounded almost identical.  He expressed the importance of a local business supporting their community, being philanthropic, and always using local resources whenever possible.  I smiled and said, “So do we because the success of this county’s economy is a top priority.”  

I recommend that when you have the chance, you relax at Kildare’s for a short while and treat yourself to some incredible food and excellent service.   And Congratulations to Dave McGrogan and the entire staff there on the upcoming 10th Anniversary!  Stay tuned for events and celebrations they will be planning.  Thanks again Joe for a great lunch and great conversation.  Well Done! 

Kildare’s West Chester

18-22 West Gay Street

West Chester, PA 19380


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