Kate Giovinco Photography – a new approach to a classic tradition

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Are you tired of the classic family photo – rigid smiles, tilted heads, fake poses in clothes you never wear? Does that photo really represent your family? I am guessing the answer is a resounding, “no!” Well, if you want a new take on an old tradition, then you need Kate Giovinco for her Family in Action approach.

Kate captures your family in real-life situations – covered in chocolate while you are baking, twirling in the living room with your daughters or gazing at your newborn in your favorite rocking chair. Your house, your clothes, your life, captured forever.

As Kate describes from the shoot seen below, “After a shoot like today I am reminded about how fantastic my job is. What an amazing family full of girls. I love when I get so many good shots it is hard to narrow it down. In two hours I shot so many wonderful images. Now to narrow down even more.”

Click on any of the photos below and take a look at her most recent Family in Action photo shoot and book Kate soon! She is in demand in West Chester!

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