It’s Raining, it’s Pouring, and Starbucks is roaring!!!

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, and Starbucks is roaring!!! Anytime I step foot into the Starbucks on campus, there is always a line of at least three people in front of me. In between classes is the worst time to go to Starbucks because the line is out the door and it takes about 15-20 minutes to get your morning, afternoon, or nighttime coffee. Being in college, I need a coffee about three or four times a day. I am always craving coffee because I am constantly feeling exhausted.

I think college is the time where all of our coffee addictions start. There are many reasons we become addicted to coffee in college, the main probably being that we just don’t sleep. There are nights we have to stay up until 3 am writing a last minute paper. Those are always the nights we have to get up for an 8 am the next day. Being in college is very tiring. Sitting in class all day makes me so tired that sometimes I just can’t even focus on the accounting problem that the teacher is explaining… I just zone out. Those are the classes we know to bring a coffee with us.

At this point in the semester college is insane. There are exams, projects, and finals to get ready for. There are a million things to be done but we can only do one at a time. It gets rough knowing that we have so much to do and hardly enough time to get everything done. Professors think that we don’t have other classes than their specific class. Therefore, they give us more work than is necessary. If it weren’t for the Starbucks we would probably be lost.

This also goes for the Einstein Brothers Bagels on campus. For some reason, everyone craves a bagel and coffee from Einstein at the same time of the day. The line is always around the corner of Larry’s Market in Lawrence Hall. When you want to get a bagel for lunch from Einstein, you have to make sure you have about a half hour to spare because it takes about that long at any point in the day. If there is one important lesson I have learned from being in college thus far it’s patience. If you have no patience in college, you will never get fed or have your coffee.


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