It Works! After 2 Wraps

By - citas con hombres divorciados site de rencontre gratuit avec photos follow here The second 72 hour period has passed and I owe you some more pictures.  

I wrapped Tuesday night and continued chugging water, limiting coffee (trying to…) and using the defining gel at least once each day in between.

I took the pics on Saturday night, so  it had been 96 hours since the last set.

 photo aeddeb8b-1b13-44f2-be93-c37750ed22b3_zps16d9f60d.jpg

I can see a pretty big difference! The size of my belly is definitely smaller and it has a firmer look. I am really mad at myself that I didn’t measure my waist before my first wrap because I would love to know my total inches lost. I know that I have lost size simply by how things are fitting. I measured after the second wrap and I will share how much I have lost between two and three in my next post 🙂

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