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citas por internet al ine site de rencontre timide gratuit check that check it out rencontres hommes riches france view publisher site binäre optionen etoro official site It has been a while since I’ve written a blog entry.  I kind of went cray with the planning in the beginning and then hit a lull, but now I’m back at it.  But with most of the big decisions out of the way, it was time for fashion details – bridesmaids dresses!  This was so fun, because it’s like doing what I do at work, but for my amazing friends.

I have 3 bridesmaids who are all very different in personality, build, and style.  So why on earth would I put them all in the same dress?  I’m not knocking any bride who decides on one dress for all of her bridesmaids, but that’s just not way I would ever go.  I also don’t believe in “bridesmaids dresses”  I believe in coordinating looks.

So I decided on red dresses (red is good luck in the Chinese culture) for my friends.  I wanted to make sure that they had dresses that would complement their figures and was within their fashion comfort zone.  We decided to go with Asos for two of the dresses and Bloomingdales for the third dress.  I really do hope that they are dresses that they could wear again if they wanted to.  I think they’re super cute and they girls look gorgeous in their dresses.

And not stopping at the dresses, I start pinning hairstyles that would go with each girl’s dress and hair texture.  Styling is so much fun!  As with the dresses, I’ve also decided that their hair should all look different.  The necklines of the dresses vary and I believe their hair should complement the entire look. Bridezilla?  I don’t know.  But I’m going to make sure my girls look damn good!

Chris and I have also been working on center pieces, gathering interesting glasswear and small ceramic containers to create little DIY floral and plant groupings for each table.  In addition to thrift store searching, I’ve been drinking bevvies that I don’t normally drink, simply to take the glasswear.  I’ve never drank so much San Pelligrino and Wegman’s cranberry lime fizzies in my life.  The bottles are cute though, so yes, it’s worth it!

Also looking up wholesale plants since we are going to put together the centerpieces ourselves – and when I say “ourselves”, I mean, me, chris and steal away a bunch of friends to help.

Mimi, my graphic design queen, also created our invitations and they are freakin cute!  Photos to follow once the RSVP’s are completed.

We have our menu tasting on Wednesday.  BEST NIGHT EVER.  FREEEEEE FOOOOOOOD!  Am sure I’ll send out an update post food extravaganza .

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