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Another week and I’ve gotten a bunch more details down.  I’m going to be sad when I have to stop planning this thing.  Maybe I’ll come up with some other project to work on after this!

Well, as the title suggests, it’s all about West Chester…I’ve hired many people from West Chester to be a part of our day, which is so appropriate since I’ve basically adopted it as my “home away from home”.

Music and entertainment are such an integral part of a wedding.  They can be the difference between a wedding with a bunch of people sitting and staring off or making it a real party. And  I’m certainly not a great dancer, but when I’m feeling it (ie 3 drinks deep) and the music is great, I tend to have no shame and love to dance the night away.  Friends can attest to the multiple dance offs I’ve found myself in the middle of…there may video somewhere too, but that is not to be shared…

A friend through Nich named Nick is a DJ, appropriately named DJ Romeo, is pretty well known in West Chester so I immediately thought of him for the job, but I did want to contact at least one more person to get a comparison quote and a feel for what else is out there.  Chris and I interviewed another DJ recommended to us by the venue, but I did not get a good feeling from him.  I kept stressing to him that we are NOT interested in line dances, maca-whatevers, shuffles, etc…But we got the feeling that he was trying to sell us on the idea of it!  UH. NO. He gave me that too cool for school vibe, but he wasn’t even cool.  So whatever.

Nick already has an idea of what I like so that makes my life much easier.  Plus, I already warned him that if I hear someone tell me to put my left foot in, and then take it out, he’s the one that will be taken out of the place.  I was kind of joking, kind of not.  So…DONE!  DJ ROMEO IS IN!

Photography…I spoke to 3 photographers and this is what Chris and I toiled over the most.  However, I suppose I use the term “toiled” loosely since I tend to make quick, gut decisions.  So this took about 2 weeks, really.  I thought I had my photographer chosen, a celebrity portrait, wedding, and fashion photographer who has shot all kinds of celebs out in Los Angeles (he shot Rachel Zoe before she became Perez Hilton’s enemy, “Raisinface”).

Just when I thought my decision was made, my West Chester manager Mimi gave me the website of a friend of hers named Justin James Muir.  I was immediately intrigued by his work and knew that Chris would feel the same.  His wedding shots we’re really good, but the other art photography that he does was really exciting.  When I met with him, I advised him that Chris and I were really interested in marrying (unintentional pun, I swear) the two styles : wedding + dramatic artwork.  We want each shot to feel special and not generic.  I told him that we really wanted a photographer who wanted to see the day from a different angle, a different perspective, someone who is going to really work for that shot that make our eyes brighten every time we look at it.  We decided that Justin was our guy!  His website is if you’re interested in checking out his work.

And along the same note, I’m lucky enough to have a manager in West Chester who is also an incredibly talented graphic designer too.  She designs ads and signage for Nich with little direction but incredible work.   Well who better to enlist to design my Save the Dates and Invitations than Mimi?!  I trust her, she knows mine and Chris’s tastes and sense of humor.  And boy did we get awesome results on the Save the Dates!  I gave her the cover of a Flight of the Concord DVD, gave her a few photos of us, and said, this is what we’re looking for.  I would HIGHLY recommend her for any graphic design needs you have, no matter what you’re aesthetically looking for.


Next task I’m working on is bridesmaids dresses…more on that soon!

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